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Winter Look in White Tights 5/5 (1)

Wonder fashion

winter coat2

Hello 2017 and hello all you visitors that continue to come back to my blog in this new year!
I hope you had a lovely time celebrating the New Year’s Eve, I wish that all your resolutions will be fulfilled this year, so let’s keep on positive!
The new year welcomed us with a massive freeze, for the past two days it has been incredibly cold here, the air crisp and the trees completely covered in white. We made this photos on the frozen lake in our local park actually, a place you normally cross by boat, but kids were skating and pushing each other across the ice with no fear. It’s that cold! My hands and feet were frozen within 10 minutes and I wished I had a thermos with hot tea so badly!
 Whenever this white Winter comes and the temperatures drop considerably, I am always covering myself up in this coat, it’s doubled up with faux fur on the inside and it keeps me so warm and it looks classy as well – you will never see me wearing a parka jacket, I tell you that!
 Keep warm guys and let’s make the new year a fabulous one!

white winter3

Wearing: Bershka coat, self-made skirt, Deichmann old boots, vintage earrings, no name hat and gloves

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SoniPanda Reviews Adrian Secessions Wedding Collection 3/5 (1)


image image image image image image imageThank you to a lovely follower who gifted me these – one of the nicest I have to say and so patient as well! They have gifted me a few and have waited so patiently for me to review!So this week I’m making an effort to get through as much as poss!

My Outfit

Now bear in mind these are bridal tights and as my big day is coming up, it was only right to do a bridal-like look with these. I don’t get to wear white on my wedding day otherwise these would have been the ones!
I went with my white flowy dress (it’s so baggy without a belt) along with my white court shoes to finish the look. I know it’s not how a bride would actually look but then again I haven’t got the get up!!
My Deets:

Dress: Miss Selfridge

Shoes: via Amazon
The Review

So packaging was interesting – they had the cover and then you have to slide the box at the side to get the pair out. You can see the pair through a small circle peep hole at the bottom of the pack but it was dead cool. Maybe all bridal ones are as cool as these!

You’ll see them wrapped around the cardboard that show different types of styles (clearly the best selling ones!) Now getting them on you’ll notice the back and front easily. On both sides it’s stitched in stating the name Adrian and then you’ll see a small tag with a number on to show it’s the back of them.
Getting them on I had to use hosiery gloves just to be careul as these are pretty delicate. They’re so easily to roll on and perfectly fine over anklets too! You do have to tug them up a little as they don’t sit properly near the private areas so you may have to rejig a few times to make sure they sit alright. If you have them away from your private areas then well… No comment.
I do love how sheer these are – it’s between a 15-20 denier I can see with a heaver pattern on them. This carries on all the way to the waistband. The waistband itself is really good and sturdy too – didn’t budge as I walked and rolled around trying to get the right pose!!
They do have reinforced toes on these – you can tell as it’s a block denier before it turns into sheers.
The feel of them are so lovely – so soft and silky and so lovely to run your hands up and down on too! I do have to say they slipped in my shoes a little as the soles were slippy a tad so just be weary when wearing these.
I don’t think I have any downside to report when I had them on. I would just say be careful wearing them as I can see these snagging quite easily and it would be pretty visible depending on your skin tone under the tights.
Overall opinion? I think these are absolutely gorgeous and now i want to wear these to a wedding! There lovely and delicate looking adding that touch of feminine and innocence to the outfit!

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Retro Sonya Styling White, Polka Dot Tights No ratings yet.

Hi hi!

Before I went on vacation, I went to the newly opened cat café in Amsterdam with my sister. We both didn’t really think our outfits through, as we were both wearing tights. Not really the best option when going to a cat café, but luckily, both our pairs survived! I really felt like wearing this cute polka dot dress, but I also really felt like wearing color. So, I decided to wear this denim polka dot shirt over it with a belt and added my cobalt blue earrings. At first I was really in doubt about this outfit, but I had to leave, so I didn’t have a choice, haha! But when I look at these photos, I think it looks pretty cute! What do you think of this combo?

Denim Polka Dots  Outfit with red and blue

Denim Polka Dots  Outfit with red and blue

Denim Polka Dots Outfit with red and blue

Denim Polka Dots  Outfit with red and blue

Denim Polka Dots  Outfit with red and blue

Denim Polka Dots  Outfit with red and blue

Denim Polka Dots  Outfit with red and blue

I’m wearing

Polka dot sunglasses – H&M
Earrings – New Yorker
Denim shirt – Primark
Dress – H&M
Belt – Primark
Bag – Thrifted
Tights – UK Tights *
Brogues – Van Haren

Photos by Simone Vogel



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