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Patterned Tights Under Shorts: UKTights Blog Article No ratings yet.


Tights under shorts, a style you either love or hate. What’s not to love in this style? It’s a pure spring style. Right as many people are ditching the tights with the arrival of Spring, we see this season as the most amazing time to show off legwear. As days get warmer, skirts and trousers get shorter. Still, some days get colder or rainy, so going bare leg is never the right choice at this time of the year. Spring is the season to prove you’re a fan of hosiery.

How to prove you lose it for a pair of tights? One of the best ways is wearing patterned tights under shorts. We know many of you are fans of this style, which is not only practical but also really cool. So, we’ve created this quick guide to show you our favourite patterned tights to wear under your shorts and skirts.

Let’s start with the basics: Wearing fishnets under your shorts! 
Trasparenze Ananas Fishnet Tights
On trend: Trasparenze Ananas Fishnet Tights

If we had to choose a single style of patterned tights under shorts for Spring or Summer, it’d have to be a pair of fishnet tights. All fishnets are perfect to wear with shorts, from micro-nets to whale nets. Our favourite for the season would be the Trasparenze fishnets above. The reason, its wonderful pastel colours!

Peonia is really close to the colour everyone’s been talking about in the last year: Millennial pink. Do you know what colour is meant to be hot in 2019? Lilac! Just like the Glicine tone in these fishnets. A coincidence? We don’t think so!

Wear them with all kinds of shorts: denim, leather, suede, cotton… even crochet and lace shorts! If you don’t feel like wearing pastel coloured tights, you can go for black, nude, navy or red fishnets, instead. There’s plenty of choices. Still, some combinations seem to be especially hot this season.

The combo of the season: Fishnets and dots

Cecilia de Rafael Pretty Net Fashion Tights
Hot in 2018: Cecilia de Rafael Pretty Fishnet Tights

When Cecilia de Rafael told us about its new fishnet style, we didn’t look back and went straight for it. It’s not a secret that we, at UK Tights, love polka dot tights. Imagine how amazing we felt when we saw our two favourite patterns, nets and dots, all together in one style. Pure perfection!

Right on trend: Geometric patterned tights

Oroblu Knot Fishnet Tights
Geometric inspiration: Oroblu Knot Fishnet Tights

Not only spots are on trend these days. Diamond patterned tights are super popular both for opaque tights and fishnet styles. Well, actually, geometric patterns are, in general, super popular these days. A reminiscence of the prints of the 70’s maybe?

All things explained, it shouldn’t come as surprise to you the fact that any fishnets with a geometric pattern are being hugely popular in 2018. These Oroblu fishnets in the picture are the perfect example or how a geometric pattern, a hexagon, can make a lovely pair of tights. These fishnets look fab with plain shorts with minimal style or denim. Nothing too complicated that could steal the attention from your wonderful pins!

Still, do you think red tights are too much for you? Don’t worry, the Oroblu Knot tights are available in black, Marine 10 and Sun.

We aren’t forgetting about the lace tights!
Wolford Cyndi Lace Net Tights White
Get the look: Wolford Cyndi Lace Net Tights

Of course not! A guide about patterned tights under shorts couldn’t miss a pair of lace tights. We have gone for a summery version of them by Wolford. These tights are available in both black and white, but we think these tights in white are shouting out ‘Summer’!

Other legs styles you can wear with shorts and skirts:

  • Polka dots, of course! If we haven’t included them in our list is only because we want you to try fresh new styles. Dotty tights under shorts are always a good idea!
  • Coloured sheer tights! Both pastels and bright tones are hot this year, so let’s free your imagination!
  • Tattoo printed tights (how not!)

What of these styles are you going to try first?

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UKTights Blog: Winter Tights Explained No ratings yet.

How cold is winter being at your place? Do you get so much snow? Many of our customers contact us around these days asking for advice about the best winter tights, stockings and hold ups. Nobody likes suffering from cold feet and toes, so we thought it was about the time that we talk about the best tights to cope with cold weather. If you live in a very cold place or you’re going away on a ski trip, this is a post you wouldn’t want to miss.

Should I wear thermal tights?

ITEM m6 Cosy Winter Tights Black
ITEM m6 has a complete range of Winter tights!

You can certainly tell Germany, the ITEM m6 comes from, has cold winters! We can’t recommend enough ITEM m6’s range of cosy tights. You have to think of them as an investment, as they’re worth every penny spent on them. But, what’s the best style? The ‘Cotton Feel’ Tights? The ‘Beauty’ Tights? For us, the ITEM m6 Cosy Winter Tights in the picture above are the most complete of its styles. With micro-circulation and an innovative technology, these 100 denier tights work as an insulating layer, keeping your legs protected from extreme weather.

Aren’t Wool tights a better option?

We can’t tell if wool tights are the best option for winter, but they undoubtedly are one of the best options out there. As we explained earlier, these days there are new materials helping your body keep its natural heat. However, many customers have told us they prefer natural fibres, this is cotton and wool.

As microfibre tights often contain elastane, they expand and adjust to the leg shape better than cotton and wool tights. However, some people have very sensitive skin and prefer natural materials to polyester or polyamide. So, what should you go for?

– Wool tights:

Oroblu Wool Ribbed TightsOroblu Natural Fibres is one of the best ranges of cotton and wool tights and socks in the market. We couldn’t write a post about winter tights without naming this range! The Oroblu Nikki Wool Tights in the picture above is one of the best wool tights out there. We absolutely love the ribbed effect in these tights. Very classic and, still, really sophisticated. They are 75% Wool, which makes them less expensive than other wool tights, too.

After all, fine wool tights with cashmere or alpaca wool can cost five times more. When you buy wool tights, the percentage of the wool and the quality of it make a huge difference: you get what you pay.

– Cotton tights:

Trasparenze Wilma Cotton Tights

Do you struggle to wear wool clothes, but still love the feel of natural fibres over your skin? Why don’t you try cotton tights? They are slightly less warm than wool tights, we have to say. However, cotton tights are softer than wool and less expensive, too. This is good news for those of you who don’t want to spend so much money.

Trasparenze has a really good collection of cotton tights. If we had to choose a single product, we’d go for the Trasparenze Wilma Cotton Tights in the picture above, which offer a great quality for the price.

You don’t have to give up wearing coloured tights in winter:

Trasparenze Sophie 70 Denier Coloured Opaque Tights

Absolutely no. You don’t have to stop wearing coloured tights only because it’s chilly out there. Quite the opposite, actually. A good pair of coloured opaque tights can brighten up any boring outfit. By wearing different colours of tights, you’re expanding your winter wardrobe. ‘Sophie‘, our best-selling coloured opaque tights by Trasparenze, are 70 denier, but such high quality you could think they’re 100 denier. If you have never tried them, you should definitely give them a go.

Now that you know what are the best winter tights, it’s time to think of the styles in your hosiery drawer. Is there any style missing that you should be including?

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UKTIghts Blog: Top 2017 Legwear Trends to Follow No ratings yet.

January is officially sale time, but it’s also the time of the year to think about what’s going to be hot in the new season. Some brands, such as Wolford or Le Bourget, have already released their 2017 hosiery collections, but we’ll have to wait a little bit longer to see what Oroblu, Trasparenze or Pierre Mantoux bring us this season. We can’t wait to show you! In the meantime, we have put together the five trends you’ll see everywhere this season. Do you want to wear them before anyone else? Keep reading! These are the 2017 legwear trends you’ll want to make yours!

1.  The return of the punk:

Wolford Patti Tights with holes

If you think of punk style you have to think of fishnets! We don’t want to repeat ourselves, but we have to say it: Fishnets are the top legwear style for 2017. If 2016 was the year of the consolidation of the fishnet tights and the comeback of the whale fishnets, 2017 will be the year to style your fishnets with both formal and urban looks. Add a punk touch to your legstyle wearing fishnets with holes or going for jazzy patterned tights, such as the Wolford Patti spotty net tights.

2. Fifty Shades Darker’s bondage inspired hosiery:

Pierre Mantoux Griffe Minimal Inspired Suspender Belt

The second instalment of Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, is due to be released on Valentine’s day. Well, fashion designers have moved into more sassy styles. Boudoir lingerie has influenced the hosiery world. So, you’ll find a lovely selection of boudoir-inspired hosiery in 2017. A good example of this growing trend is the minimal-inspired Pierre Mantoux Griffe Suspender Belt in the picture above, which looks absolutely sexy with your favourite pair of stockings.

3. The funky ankle highs:

If you followed London Fashion Week SS17, you surely remember ankle highs were in every fashion show. Hosiery designers have gone crazy for this garment. You’ll see loads of funky printed anklets, fishnets, lurex, lace anklets or a combination of all of these styles! These are some of our favourite styles so far: Oroblu Stephy Ankle Highs in stephy bluePierre Mantoux Sibilla Net Ankle Highs in petrol blue, Oroblu Odile Ankle Highs in blue and beautiful floral Oroblu Frances Ankle Highs.

4. The tights worn with sandals:

Yes, as you read. The latest celebrity trend is wearing tights with sandals. You have run out of excuses not to wear your tights in spring and summer. Try wearing sheer tights with tights, like Alexa Chang, on the right, and, then, move into a winning look: Jonathan Aston Lace Tights as seen on Olivia Palermo. They are so pretty!

5. Activewear-inspired legwear:

ITEM m6 anti cellulite tights

The activewear sector has greatly expanded in 2016, influencing fashion designers. Hosiery designers have joined the trend by introducing hosiery with additional features. So, we have seen tights without waistband, with customised waistband, ladder-proof tights and, even, anti-cellulite tights, as the ones in the picture above by ITEM m6. Haven’t you heard of ITEM m6 anti cellulite tights yet? They’re simply fantastic!

What of the 2017 Legwear Trends are you going to make yours?

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UK Tights Blog Article No ratings yet.

Five Cosy Tights You Need To Try This Winter

Winter is coming and it’s time for you to upgrade your winter wardrobe with new cosy tights. From the classic woolly tights to the elegant cashmere ones, we have everything your legs need to survive the coldest temperatures. Why not taking advantage of our fantastic Black Friday Offer to invest in a good pair of cosy tights for winter? These are five of our newest and greatest cosy tights you need to try before the year is over.

A Good Pair Of Ribbed Tights

pierre mantoux coste100 denier ribbed wool tights

Every tights drawer should include at least one pair of wool ribbed tights. The Pierre Mantoux Coste 100 Denier Wool Tights (£36.99) are a particularly good pair. This new design by Pierre Mantoux proves that woolly tights don’t always have to be itchy. Furthermore, the finish is, as usual in this Italian manufacturer, totally luxury.

The New And Revolutionary ITEM m6 Beauty Tights

item m6 beauty anti-cellulite tights

Just arrived and ready to rock your wardrobe, we could say that the new Beauty Tights by ITEM m6 have it all. They are opaque (60 denier), thick and warm. Besides, they have leg support, shaping and a revolutionary design with ceramic crystals that help you fight cellulite.  Fashion bloggers and editors seem to love them, judging for the positive reviews the ITEM m6 Beauty tights hare having. Why not giving them a try?

The Ultra Smooth Oroblu Micromodal Natural Fibres Tights

oroblu micromodal natural fibres tights black

Modal is one of the smoothest natural fibres and these tights are, as you can expect, one of the softest and smoothest we have ever sold. Being 100 denier, the Oroblu Micromodal Natural Fibres Tights (£23.99) are perfect for the coldest days of winter. You’ll simply fall in love with them the minute you touch them.

Falke‘s New Sensual Cotton Tights

Falke sensual cotton 80 denier tights at UK Tights

Falke‘s 2017 range includes two new products: Falke Sensual Cashmere and Falke Sensual Cotton 80 Denier Tights (£31.99) in the picture above. While you can find many different cotton tights out there, you can’t never have enough Falke tights! These high quality tights are the perfect treat you deserve!

Cashmere Finish For A Budget Price!
levante cashmere touch 100 denier tights for winter

Cashmere tights are always very expensive and, definitely not for all budgets. The Levante Cashmere Touch 100 Denier Tights (£14.99) are the exception for the rule. They are 60% Viscose combined with Lycra to make them more stretchy and Cashmere, which gives them that luxury and soft finish you can find in all cashmere tights.

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Four Tights for Halloween No ratings yet.


Halloween is here! It’s that time of year again. Time for everyone out there to do the thing that they dread the most: finding the best outfit for this years Halloween party! Looking for a Halloween outfit can be a daunting task, but we are here to help. We have the perfect pair of tights for you to make a quick and easy DIY costume. Even more important, to make the best DIY Halloween costume without spending all of your savings, for just one night of fun.

Pamela Mann bat star and moon tights, perfect for a sexy vampire

pamela mann bat, stars and moon tights Hallowen

A black faux leather outfit, red lipstick and one of those mocked pointy fangs you can find everywhere before Halloween (from pound stores to supermarkets) and, the most important, these cool tights with bats, moon and stars by Pamela Mann. These tights can also work for a witch outfit, don’t you think?

Pamela Mann All Over Sheer Star Tights

pamela mann all over sheer stars for Halloween

The witch look has always been a staple for a Halloween costume since the early days of trick or treating and fun Halloween get together. Which is why Pamela Mann’s all over sheer star tights are the perfect tights for anyone looking to be a scary, yet sexy witch this year to really wow their friends, with it’s simple yet stunning black star pattern over a sheer material, this design is perfect for anyone looking for that old school Halloween look.

Pamela Mann Stitches and Blood Tights


Truly striking and spectacular, this gory design from Pamela Mann will make all your friends shiver in terror this Halloween, as this pair of 15 denier tights gives true Frankenstein-esque vibes to all that see it, and are guaranteed to give second glances from passersby, with its expertly made fake, bloody stitches. For anyone looking to be a seductive, yet scary Frankenstein’s monster this Halloween, Pamela Mann Stitches and Blood Tights are the way to go.

PamelaMann Cobweb Pattern Net Tights


Nothing screams ‘Scary’ like spiders! And yet, many people this Halloween also want to achieve that perfect mix of terrifying and seductive. Well, Pamela Mann Cobweb Pattern Net Tights are the perfect choice for anyone wanting heads to turn towards you, both in admiration for how sexy you look, and in fear for how scary you look. The funky, yet intricate cobweb tights pattern prove these tights are a must-have for this spooky night, and are a perfect compliment to a frightening spider costume. Another truly great product from Pamela Mann!

What about the Pamela Mann Skeleton Leggings?


Do you know why Halloween leggings are a perfect choice? Because you can wear them with cosy boots or fancy heels, matching a nice top and that’s it, Halloween costume sorted. For anyone aiming to become a spooky skeleton this year, this impeccable design from Pamela Mann would work well with any skeleton T Shirt or costume, without having to pay too much for the full costume! Pamela Mann have definitely gone above and beyond with how many amazing quality tights they have made that are great for Halloween, and the simplistic design of the Pamela Mann Skeleton Leggings is no different.


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