SoniPanda Review: Leg Avenue Woven Diamond Illusion Tights 4/5 (2)


So finally now I have had my laser sessions complete, I can get back into my nude sheers once again (seeing as I have quite a few to get through!) I saw this pair and I just had to get them. I thought they were dead funky and easy enough to pair with an outfit!

My Outfit

So I went monochrome (I need to stop doing this) – although it is getting quite cold here so I suppose it won’t hurt this time around! You can easily go symmetrical or into those mathy-prints I like to call them but I thought I would tone it down and make it work with an office outfit instead. I went with my fluffy jumper, leather-look skirt and a statement necklace to add that extra to it.

My Deets:
Necklace: Next

Jumper: H&M

Skirt: Mango

Tights: Via UKTights



The Review

So packaging – very basic. Shows the design on the front and back with a small blurb about them and a peep hole in the corner so you can see what’s inside. They are neatly wrapped so no problems there.

When you get them out, you may notice that the nylons look longer than your legs (I’m targeting shorties here!) but don’t worry!! They aren’t that bad when they are on! I was a little worried that they were going to be too long for me, but I found that wasn’t the case when I got them on.

At first I thought I would not need to pull them up slightly but I did have to readjust a few times to make sure that I had it even on the legs. I hate it when one bit of my leg has more nylon covering it than the rest.

These are also fine over anklets too – although be careful with those that might catch the tights! You don’t want to snag these within the first few minutes of getting them on!

I love the band on these; they fit so lovely that you don’t even feel it on your stomach/waistline and the best part is that they stay in place all day too!

Now the design – these are something else! And I am so glad that they’re a piece I have never seen before as it makes it more exciting to blog about! I am not too keen on the denier as it does make your legs look whiter than normal so the colour doesn’t do the legs any justice (unless you’re after a colour change!) but the pattern is just popping!!!! I do have to mention that there are some that have a border standing out around it (see some of the close-ups below) which is quite annoying but then again these are cheap so I shouldn’t complain!

The print is 3D-like so you will feel it when you rub your hands over them, which I suppose helps make them stand out.

These don’t have reinforced toes I’m afraid so those long toenails may need to be trimmed and smoothed down before stepping into these!

Another little thing to mention is that it does leave marks on your legs when you take them off! See the last picture!!

The only downside to these is that they are one sized – I had no trouble with them at all, however if you are slightly bigger, then I may suggest trying to get an alternative. I think these do look amazing but you will need slimmer legs to keep that design intact as it would stretch and lose the whole look of them.


Overall thoughts?

I really do like these and I think they’re worth buying if you’re looking for different and versatile. I would mainly dress these casually but I always find it fun trying to make it work with a smart outfit. They’re not badly priced, and if you love nude sheers with bold prints, then these are the ones for you!!





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SoniPanda Reviews Adrian Secessions Wedding Collection No ratings yet.


image image image image image image imageThank you to a lovely follower who gifted me these – one of the nicest I have to say and so patient as well! They have gifted me a few and have waited so patiently for me to review!So this week I’m making an effort to get through as much as poss!

My Outfit

Now bear in mind these are bridal tights and as my big day is coming up, it was only right to do a bridal-like look with these. I don’t get to wear white on my wedding day otherwise these would have been the ones!
I went with my white flowy dress (it’s so baggy without a belt) along with my white court shoes to finish the look. I know it’s not how a bride would actually look but then again I haven’t got the get up!!
My Deets:

Dress: Miss Selfridge

Shoes: via Amazon
The Review

So packaging was interesting – they had the cover and then you have to slide the box at the side to get the pair out. You can see the pair through a small circle peep hole at the bottom of the pack but it was dead cool. Maybe all bridal ones are as cool as these!

You’ll see them wrapped around the cardboard that show different types of styles (clearly the best selling ones!) Now getting them on you’ll notice the back and front easily. On both sides it’s stitched in stating the name Adrian and then you’ll see a small tag with a number on to show it’s the back of them.
Getting them on I had to use hosiery gloves just to be careul as these are pretty delicate. They’re so easily to roll on and perfectly fine over anklets too! You do have to tug them up a little as they don’t sit properly near the private areas so you may have to rejig a few times to make sure they sit alright. If you have them away from your private areas then well… No comment.
I do love how sheer these are – it’s between a 15-20 denier I can see with a heaver pattern on them. This carries on all the way to the waistband. The waistband itself is really good and sturdy too – didn’t budge as I walked and rolled around trying to get the right pose!!
They do have reinforced toes on these – you can tell as it’s a block denier before it turns into sheers.
The feel of them are so lovely – so soft and silky and so lovely to run your hands up and down on too! I do have to say they slipped in my shoes a little as the soles were slippy a tad so just be weary when wearing these.
I don’t think I have any downside to report when I had them on. I would just say be careful wearing them as I can see these snagging quite easily and it would be pretty visible depending on your skin tone under the tights.
Overall opinion? I think these are absolutely gorgeous and now i want to wear these to a wedding! There lovely and delicate looking adding that touch of feminine and innocence to the outfit!

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SONIPANDABLOG review of Jonathan Aston Energy No ratings yet.



Well I’m pretty impressed with my outfit this morning – took me a while to pluck up the courage to wear these J.A’s, as I haven’t worn some in this style for a while.

I bought these a while back and haven’t had a chance to review them as many of my followers have been gifting over the past few months and theirs was a priority over mine.

But now that I have bashed through nearly all of them, I can start making my way through the rest.

So let’s get started as I have a busy morning writing this one up for you all and then an exclusive for LegsLavish:

  • Packaging is always done well with J.As.
  • I love the panel design – it’s also easy to line up against your leg if you get your starting point right. You need to make sure when you scrunch down that the line is sitting near enough straight on your toes and once you roll up, it should be easy. You may need to mess around with it a few times if you are not sure.
  • The contrast between the 10 and 80 denier split between the grey stripe is so different, especially when you are walking! I have had a pair where it has been the opposite way around (black front and sheer back) and they were dead funky.
  • It gives that little edge to your outfit (but that depends on what you are wearing) – I went with electric blue and grey just to pair up with them rather than make them a statement piece.
  • The design goes right from the toes all the way to the waist band, so shorts, mini-skirts and dresses don’t need to suffer with that cut-off!
  • A good fitting waistband to these as well – I did a bit of running (into work) this morning as they have stayed up the whole way so I’m happy! I hate it when you can feel them start slipping down!

There were a few cons I picked up on:

  • These do snag extremely easily (on the sheer part)– I snagged them taking them out the packaging against the cardboard and also when rolling them on. I even snagged them at the back of the knee against my car seat (which is fabric!!!!) so not entirely impressed.
  • They don’t have reinforced toes – apart from where the toes are half covered with the panel design. So if you have long nails, please be careful in these as I can see them ripping easily at the toes.

In my opinion, I would keep these for work as you can dress them up smart causal rather than casual. I tried them with shorts once before and they didn’t really work with me.

I would try to pair with an evening or night-out outfit, but would need to think what dress or skirt would go with that type of design.

Overall, would I recommend? I would if you do have an outfit in mind that it would go with. I bought these without one and I struggled for a while to stick one together. It was easy enough in the end, but looking at them, I couldn’t visualise what I would team them with. Also bear in mind the snagging, it does ruin the look a little unless you like that type of style.

My deets for today:
Bodycon Dress – AX Paris
Tights – via Amazon
Booties – Marks & Spencers






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