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There are garments that at first we can think that is difficult to combine, like this sequined skirt that I wear today. But nevertheless we can find the way to use them for the day to day without being a garment only for party. In my case, I’ve combined it with a black look, platform shoes and could even work perfectly with a leather jacket. It’s a casual look with a chic touch that can serve in a normal day or for a more formal event.
Hope you like it.
Skirt: Love of Queen

A Touch of Rock and Roll

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Hi everyone!
Do you know that LOOKBOOK it`s a a collection of photographs compiled to show off a model, a photographer, a style, or stylist or a clothing line. Usually, bloggers or vloggers will “model” fashionable looks for that month or season. This gives viewers ideas on how to style outfits, or to show what the latest fashions are. It is an especially popular term with “fashion bloggers”

Most of the things on me from the online store zaful.com, about which I wrote more than once. And my opinion for this store hasn`t changed. Moreover, I fell in love with my new clothes. Very good news – Lookbook and Zaful make a colorful Easter Contest!

White Blouse, Black Skirt and Black Tights

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I love looking at old photographs….such unique and soulful snapshots featuring beautiful outfits and people whose histories I try to guess make me feel like I have taken a journey in a time machine 🙂 Everyone glances mysteriously from faded photographs, and although I have never met them, they seem like amazing people. Inspired by the atmospheric nostalgia of the past, I have prepared a photoshoot for you in a lovely cafe. To a white lace blouse with a delicate bow I have added a black skirt, sheer pantyhose and elegant heels. Such a timeless and elegant look fits in perfectly with the retro decor of the cafe.
Biała koronkowa koszula CNdirect.com
Czarna rozkloszowana spódniczka mini – Sinsay
Zegarek na brązowym pasku Mockberg.com

MyStyleSpot: Warm Neutrals for a Chilly Spring

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Fancy Dress Store Coffee Black and brown long sleeved top and black beanie hat

Fancy Dress Store Coffee Black and brown long sleeved top and black beanie hat

Fancy Dress Store Coffee Black and brown long sleeved top and black beanie hat

Fancy Dress Store Coffee Black and brown long sleeved top and black beanie hat

Spring may be here, but it’s still a bit chilly here in Wyoming, so I decided to wear a cute long sleeved brown and black striped sleeve top Coffee Shirt from Fancy Dress Store with denim shorts and tights under, leopard print heels, and a cute black beanie hat from Partiss, by Fancy Dress Store (Available in lots of different colors) this last weekend.

I normally where a lot of bright colors for spring, well really any time of year, but I actually ended up really loving the look of this neutral palette. It’s a great look for those who are a bit shy of wearing super bright colors, or for those who just love to wear black! This fun batwing black and brown long sleeved top does bring in a bit of color while still staying neutral. I decided to keep the same palette by pairing a black and brown leather bag with it and leopard print platform heels.

The look was perfect for 50 degree weather. I stayed warm but still felt super chic. Even though my outfit would be super casual with the hat, top, and denim shorts, the tights and heels really gives it a more edgy, chic vibe.

I tossed the heels aside and hanged into motorcycle boots for running errands and found this outfit looked every bit as cool too! If you’re more of a boots girl than a heels girl, that is a great alternative to this look. You can also wear with a black blazer to dress up the look as well and add some instant style!

I found the coffee top and beanie hat from Fancy Dress Store were super comfortable as well. The beanie was very warm too! made of wool, you can expect to keep warm even in the dead of winter. It also has a super soft light lining on the inside so it’s not itchy against your head. I found it extremely comfortable, which I normally don’t wear beanie hats for this reason. The full, looseness and bill on this beanie is a great alternative to a regular ol’ beanie too. Not only is it comfortable and will keep you super warm, but is super stylish too! It also didn’t flatten my hair either after wearing for a few hours!

I love this shirt and can see myself wearing it for years to come. I love a loose long sleeved top for the cooler months, and this top is the perfect top to transition from winter to spring! It is incredibly comfortable and the batwing and cool stripe on the sleeve keeps it from being a plain ol’ long sleeved top, a lot of us get sucked into wearing day in and day out in the cooler months.

As you can see here, even though there is not a lot of color here, this outfit still stands out and makes a statement. Feel like toning down the look? Forget the tights and switch the heels to some fun flats and you’re good to go!