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Starting to Feel like Christmas

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This photos make me feel like Christmas time is coming! Really 😉 Maybe because cf the scarf’s color or the lights in the background? We made photos on the street in Warsaw- Nowy Świat and Krakowskie Przedmieście. They are my favourite due to the specific and unique style of this street- small cafes and restaurants.

Todays outfit is so girly! I choose short grey skirt and thights with small hearts. I like to wear this skirt, I have it for one year already and it’s still fashionable. I combined my outfit with black bikerjacket and checkered colorful scarf. What do you think about my outfit? Can you feel the sense of coming Christmas like me? 🙂

Retro Sonya Styling Polka Dot Tights 6 Ways

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Hello loves!

As you might have noticed, I really like polka dot tights. Especially my nude tights with black polka dots and black seam are my favorite! I quite often hear that people find tights like these hard to combine, so I figured it would be a nice idea to line up some of my outfits with them to give you an idea of how you could do that! Personally, I really like wearing them when I feel an outfit needs just a little something extra. And I also think it’s a great match with striped items! What do you think of these combo’s with polka dot tights? And how would you wear them?


Amsterdam Fashion Blogger Outfit with stripes, dots and green midi skirt


Retro fashion blogger spring outfit with pink and red


Retro Blogger Spring Outfit with polka dots and stripes

Vintage Outfit with Yellow Midi Dress

What do you think of these combo’s with polka dot tights? And how would you wear them?

Silvia in Leather and Lace

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Bolso / Bag: Persunmall (same HERE)
Falda / Skirt: Zara AW´13/14
Chaqueta / Jacket: Sheinside (same HERE)
Medias / Tights: Zara AW´13/14
Blusa / Blouse: Zara SS´13

A Tartan Scarf for Fall

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The blazers are one of my favourite garments because they are super versatile. Today I show you one that I combined with striped jersey, black shorts, tartan scarf and plumeti tights.

image image image image image

Medias/Tights: Calzedonia
Anillos/Rings: Aristocrazy
Sweater: Mango
Bufanda/Scarf: Zara

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image image image image image

Vest- Bershka old, cardigan- I.Code by Ikks new, shirt- SheInside new, shorts- Choies new, bag- Clenapal, tights- Primark old, booties- H&M old
Hi beauties!! It’s true the sentence that says “never say never”! I told that I never would wear this tights and some months later… This is the result! 😛 When the trend of the high boots arrived I felt “love at first sight” with the tights but it really was at second sight hehehe!! Do you ever feel the same? I like wearing them because are very comfy and original. Another mix that I like a lot is the overlaping. Every winter I use this vest over other clothes, and everytime I do it I like the result more and more!! It’s a perfect way to use the same garment in differents ways. And, if you want to try new combinations, I recomend you to wear this vest over your coat. When you are bored of using always the same coat, this trick, it’s very usefull 😉