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Red Dress for Spring

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We start the countdown for spring. To celebrate the entry of the month, I propose an elegant and sophisticated outfit. A red dress with a knot in the front and sleeves three quarters.

Do you guess where it is from? And it is!
The new Almatrichi collection. Collection that has me totally in love. This dress is also in the classic black. This is for multiple occasions, from romantic dinners to cocktails and even more classic ceremonies such as a wedding.

And you, for what occasion would you wear a red dress?

Winter Look in White Tights

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Wonder fashion

winter coat2

Hello 2017 and hello all you visitors that continue to come back to my blog in this new year!
I hope you had a lovely time celebrating the New Year’s Eve, I wish that all your resolutions will be fulfilled this year, so let’s keep on positive!
The new year welcomed us with a massive freeze, for the past two days it has been incredibly cold here, the air crisp and the trees completely covered in white. We made this photos on the frozen lake in our local park actually, a place you normally cross by boat, but kids were skating and pushing each other across the ice with no fear. It’s that cold! My hands and feet were frozen within 10 minutes and I wished I had a thermos with hot tea so badly!
 Whenever this white Winter comes and the temperatures drop considerably, I am always covering myself up in this coat, it’s doubled up with faux fur on the inside and it keeps me so warm and it looks classy as well – you will never see me wearing a parka jacket, I tell you that!
 Keep warm guys and let’s make the new year a fabulous one!

white winter3

Wearing: Bershka coat, self-made skirt, Deichmann old boots, vintage earrings, no name hat and gloves

Truly Opaque Tights

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biżuteria / jewelry ByDziubeka
(kolczyki / earrings KLIK | naszyjniki / necklaces KLIK, KLIK)
okulary / glasses zeroUV
płaszcz / coat Poppy Lovers | sukienka / dress DressLily | buty / shoes Zaful

Faux Fur, Real Sparkles

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Do you already have plans for the holiday ? And if so, do you know what you will wear ? I, for one, am all about last minute decisions when it comes to Christmas and NYE, as it’s not my favorite time of the year for fashion. I’m more into comfort dressing, and yes, that means PJs for Christmas at my family’s, and a little black dress for New Year.
But this year, I made an effort, and decided I had to plan ahead (which is something I am very bad at…). That’s when Manila Grace came into the equation, and was so helpful. 
If you don’t know Manila Grace, it’s an Italian brand worn by the unique Chiara Ferragni, among others. And for the holidays, they designed a new capsule collection, made of faux fur, glitter dresses and cute skirts. So I figured : wouldn’t it be better if for once, I stayed away from what I’m used to, and tried a more ‘party ready’ look ?
To be honest, at first I wasn’t convinced I could pull it off, but after seeing these pics, I know I will definitely wear this outfit for New Year’s Eve. A satin dress mixed with shiny tights, a big faux fur coat to keep me warm if we decide to go out, some classic pumps, and a big hat because the new year has to be celebrated in style, right ?
As for the party make-up, I swear I’ll take off my sunglasses for once 🙂 I love to emphasize my lips for big parties, with a vibrant red or dark pink lipstick. And for my eyes, I try to keep things simple, with just an eyeliner.
Do you like my holiday look ?

Coat and dress // Manteau et robe : Manila Grace
Pumps // Talons : Topshop
Bag // Sac : Furla
Hat // Chapeau : Emmanuelle Khanh

Causal with Style and a Little Leather

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A new week a new look! I felt like last week was a little bit weird with the posting about Black Friday and cyber Monday. This week we are back to regular posting on Monday and Thursday. Today there is a new look on the blog and here I’m showing you the E-Polette from Polette. I’ve talked about these glasses in a previous article (READ IT HERE), but today I’m showing you the perfect look to go with it. I’m pairing one of my new basic dresses with a few of my staple items. A leather jacket, ankle boots and a small bag create a perfect basic and comfortable look for the work/ college days. Together with the E-Polette you will have a super smart look! I love to wear this model of the E-Polette, the E-Rubis, because of the basic design. It truly goes with everything!

Miss. Confidential, FashionBlog, FashionBlogger, Blog, Blogger, Fashion, Look, Looks, OOTD, Outfit, Outfits, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Polette, Polette Eyewear, E-Polette, Zara, Dress, Boots, Jacket, Bag

Miss. Confidential, FashionBlog, FashionBlogger, Blog, Blogger, Fashion, Look, Looks, OOTD, Outfit, Outfits, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Polette, Polette Eyewear, E-Polette, Zara, Dress, Boots, Jacket, Bag







Comfy Sweater and Leather Skirt

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Anyway, here’s the outfit I was wearing on Saturday with a cozy knit sweater and my new Saint Laurent boots I’ve been literally obsessed with. A I was really searching for leather boots with a pointy-toe but I still wanted them to be comfortable and these have a mid length heel so it’s perfect for during the day, at night, in the weekends, basically always! A And I love how many ways you can go with these, since they look great with skinny jeans, flared jeans (still searching for the perfect one though), skirts, and dresses!

I was wearing
Knit Sweater
River Island Skirt
Saint Laurent Boots – Similar here – on my wish list Here
Wool Hat