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Styling Sheer Stockings Instead of Tights

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Over the years, my looks were changing, but somewhere in my heart remains a big fondness for the sets inspired by the vintage style. I assure you that such a modest elegant attire is often able to incite imagination a lot more than putting on tight mini with plunging neckline. Flared coat from Chicwish.com nicely emphasizes the waist, juicily red dress from Besima.pl stimulates the senses, but properly selected accessories lend the appropriate character to the whole. Instead of tights, I decided on black stockings, which I received from the store Lamai.pl. They proved to be ideal for this set. Would you like to see outfits in such classic style more often?

img_0397 img_0398 img_0399 img_0400 img_0401 img_0402 img_0403 img_0404

Styling Sheer Nude Tights

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...help! I have nothing to wear! - kobiecy blog o modzie

nude tights glasses heels

It’s awesome how many years the details of the outfit can (metaphorically) add or subtract. My outfits most often definitely rejuvenate me, but there are situations in which I want to wear something different. This time I wanted to feel like a businesswoman. Although the official “dress code” in Poland is quite restrictive (too much femininity and abundance of accessories are not recommended), I would not be myself if I did not break a few rules! I set the base (tight gray mini dress) with classic, elegant accessories: black cardigan, heels and stylish glasses.

Szara obcisła sukienka – Sinsay
Czarny cardigan – Esmara
Elegancki złoty zegarek – Paul-Hewitt.com
Srebrne kolczyki z perłami – StaceyJewellery.com
Czarne okulary – Firmoo.com

Cieliste rajstopy – Kunert
Czarna torebkaBesima.pl
Obudowa na telefonIcon.pl
Bransoletka Honey-Bunny.pl (zniżka na kod Ari)

Styling Polka Dot, Backseamed Tights

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English version:
I usually prefer simple, elegant outfits, but from time to time I like to wear something less typical. T The set, consisting of a flared skirt, a top and high heels, is one of my favourite. Thanks to unusual accessories: black glasses, leather necklace and seamed polka dot tights it looks sexy and provocative.

img_0316 img_0317 img_0318 img_0319 img_0320

Zielona obcisła sukienka mini – Yoins.com
Szara spódniczka – AX Paris
Elegancki złoty zegarek – Paul-Hewitt.com
Srebrne kolczyki z perłami – StaceyJewellery.com
Czarne okulary – Firmoo.com
Granatowe rajstopy w kropki – Kunert

Fringe and Wolford Individual 10 Back Seam

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...help! I have nothing to wear! - kobiecy blog o modzie

A white shirt and a black skirt – it’s a perfect elegant set! I like to wear it often – not only for exams or special events 🙂 I bought my shirt at Choies.com. A leather skirt is from SheIn.com

Biała bawełniana koszula – Choies.com
Czarna skórzana spódniczka z frędzlami – SheIn.com
Naszyjnik z jaskółką – Perlove.pl
Srebrne kolczyki jaskółki – Perlove.pl
Cieliste rajstopy ze szwem – Wolford Individual 10 back seam
Złoty zegarek na czarnym pasku – Mockberg.com

Gorgeous, Little Black Dress

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...help! I have nothing to wear! - kobiecy blog o modzie

Colorful, long, short, flared, floral… shops are full of different dresses, but for the years the queen is only one – little black dress. This one I bought at SheIn.com. I like it in the company of equally timeless additions: the elegant black high heels, pantyhose and stylish jewelry.
Dopasowana czarna sukienka SheIn.com
Czarne rajstopy uciskowe – Veera
Elegancki złoty zegarek – Paul-Hewitt.com

Ariadna in an Amazing Red Dress and Black Tights

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Your favorite combination of colors guests on my blog again! The red dress with a flared bottom from VipMe.com looks like from a fairytale! It took my breath away at the first sight 🙂 I set it with elegant accessories: black tights from Veera, simple high heels and pearl jewelry from StaceyJewellery.com.

image image image image image image image image image image


Fishnets With a Red Pencil Skirt

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...help! I have nothing to wear! - kobiecy blog o modzie

                                            Czarna skórzana kurtka – H&M (Choies.com)

Szary asymetryczny cardigan – Rue Paris (eButik.pl)
Bordowa ołówkowa spódniczka – Bershka
Czarna pikowana torebka – Romwe.com
Czarne rajstopy kabaretki – Adrian
Złota bransoletka – Back Stage
Kolczyki perły – Apart

Sheer, Black Tights with a Short, Red Skirt

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...help! I have nothing to wear! - kobiecy blog o modzie

As you can noticed, I like to expose my arms and legs. This minimalistic feminine set, which I will show you today highlights both 🙂 I wore a black crop top from Choies.com and a red skirt from Oasap.com.