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How to Rock Colorful Toghts for Fall No ratings yet.

EN :: BLOGTOBER 5 : Here we go! My blog finally turned into fall as well. I really love fall because I like wearing skirts in combination with ankle boots and leather jacket. What I love however more is Indian summer which is unfortunately not so common in Ireland. My Slovak family and friends though could enjoy it in full glory last days while Ireland was getting ready for the hurricane which was the theme number one in Ireland lately. Everything was closed today – schools, courts, shops, banks, etc. – to protect everyone. The part where I am living was luckily not so affected, but I have to say we had a strong wind throughout the day as well and I still can hear it. I really can´t imagine how it looked like somewhere in Cork or Wexford where it should hit in its biggest strength! I hope everyone is safe.
Well we were shooting this outfit last week and I decided to wear black and burgundy combination. Burgundy is definitely one of my favorite fall colors and it really belongs to this season. Very recently I bought these colorful tights and to be fair I had a problem to combine them with some pieces. That´s the reason why I stuck with the same color and I picked the burgundy shirt on top. I would definitely like it with some burgundy ankle boots to create some monochromatic look and elongate legs a little bit. Another tip is wearing over the knee boots and let the color show just a little bit to brighten your outfit up. As far as colors I would maybe combine them with some black, dark blue, grey or even mustard top! And I would not combine them with two or more different colors as the tights are a very noticeable piece catching others attention.
How about you? Do you wear colorful tights? And do you find them tricky to combine? ♥

combine the tights with pieces in the same color as tights and with black
if you want to add colors, pick one contrast color
do not combine them with two or more different colors to prevent yourselves from looking tastelessly
choose neutral black shoes or shoes in a same color as tights to optically elongate legs
if you are afraid to combine colorful tights in its all glory, try trendy over the knee boots and let them peek out just a little bit
those braver can choose all outfit pieces in similar colors and create extravagant monochromatic look “tone in tone”
remember that these are not rules just my opinions and tips…fashion has no boundaries and you can play with it accordance to your style 🙂

Coat :: DKNY
Shirt :: Orsay
Skirt :: The Kooples
Tights :: Dunnes Stores
Shoes :: Moda in Pelle
Bag :: Mango

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Knee High Boots and Sheer Tights 5/5 (1)

Meet Me In Paree

Parisian fashion blogger

It almost seems ironic that I am posting this blog post all happy and smiles after my last blog post. I shot these photos at the beginning of my “breakdown”. When I thought I could get through it alone. I do have to thank everyone who contacted me after my last blog post. It really touched my heart in ways that you may never understand. From people I don’t know showing love to me…. It’s in these times that you need love and light in any way shape or form.

I’ve had a lot of time to reflect…. I mean a lot of time… I’m always reflecting, projecting and worrying, and I’ve thought a lot about my blog and how I feel somewhat uncomfortable posting these happy images that don’t reflect my current state of mind…. But yet, I don’t want to stop blogging. It’s something that when I can muster enough energy I can focus on… and my mind stops whirring at the speed of light and I can just be Nikita…  So that being said, you will see me here sometimes.. Passing by giving you a little whirl of an outfit.. and maybe some posts that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. More personal. More me…. Something inspirational… Something that can inspire both you and me. I think we could all do with a little inspiration now and then…

Ok, so enough of this talk all about me.. And more about the outfit… A cosy pull which is always welcome, a cute skirt which I picked up for a bargain and my new knee boots- which again I picked up for a bargain in Zara…

Parisian fashion blogger, look, style, meetmeinparee, paris, mode, ootd, street style, winter style

Parisian fashion blogger, look, style, meetmeinparee, paris, mode, ootd, street style, winter style

Parisian fashion blogger, look, style, meetmeinparee, paris, mode, ootd, street style, winter style

Jumper Charlise Skirt Vero Moda via Mon showroom(old collection) Bag Saint Laurent via Vestiare Collective Coat Idano

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Shades of Brown No ratings yet.



I have this awesome autumn pictures for a while on my pc but didn’t actually have time to post it. It was so pretty during this weekend about three weeks ago (damn, time flies like crazy!). Days was already short and I was so much in hurry to catch last sun moments… I even didn’t had much time to think what to wear, just put on some matching clothes nearest to my side, quick pony and get out 😀 And I looked almost as those trees around: definitly we all wore the same colors.



jacket – Adidas / dress – Zara / shoes – NIKbutik.pl / bag – Mango

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Styling Sheer Stockings Instead of Tights No ratings yet.


Over the years, my looks were changing, but somewhere in my heart remains a big fondness for the sets inspired by the vintage style. I assure you that such a modest elegant attire is often able to incite imagination a lot more than putting on tight mini with plunging neckline. Flared coat from Chicwish.com nicely emphasizes the waist, juicily red dress from Besima.pl stimulates the senses, but properly selected accessories lend the appropriate character to the whole. Instead of tights, I decided on black stockings, which I received from the store Lamai.pl. They proved to be ideal for this set. Would you like to see outfits in such classic style more often?

img_0397 img_0398 img_0399 img_0400 img_0401 img_0402 img_0403 img_0404

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