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Blogger Andy Sparkles in Coffee Colored Tights No ratings yet.


Coffee and Blue! I really like these colour combo – even my tights are “cocoa”. I wasn’t even sure if I like tights in brown, but I think it’s really nice in this outfit. The faux fur vest is from Arcanum Fashion and it’s so super soft, I love it! Hope you like the photos – because it was freezing cold on that day. Still feeling cold when I look at that photos, haha.

Faux Fur Vest*: Arcanum Fashion
Dress: Daisy Street via Asos
Tights*: Elbeo
Heels*: Clarks
Watch*: Komono via Uhrcenter
Necklace*: New Look
Bracelet: Bijou Brigitte
Rings: Tally Weijl, H&M
Pictures by Christine

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