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Black Fishnets and Faux Fur

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It feels so great to be pulling out lighter colours from my closet! I’ve been stuck in a dark colour palette for the winter with the occasional pop of colour. With the warm weather approaching I am startling to pull lighter colours here and there. I’ve been obsessed with this pink fur coat since I bought it, its a statement piece without being too overpowering. I paired it with a white ribbed shirt that has a bit of a ruffle on the neck and plain black high waisted shorts. I also wore polka dot fishnet tights which i’ve been loving lately ! Fishnets have been all over the place lately and I think they are so much fun and can work well with so many outfits ! To top the look off I wore a black cabby hat with braids which is something I’ve been wearing a lot since the start of the fall. This was the perfect outfit to go out and get milkshakes, if you want to see more day to day pictures make sure you follow me on instagram 🙂

Go To, Little, Black Dress

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Today, I want to share with you one of my last sessions of August as we prepare to say a fond farewell to summer. The days are slowly getting shorter again, so when I’m busy or deep in thought I don’t even notice the sun disappearing below the horizon. Yet pictures at dusk have a unique charm all of their own – with silhouettes touched by the last rays of the sun taking on a mysterious air.

Czarne lakierowane szpilki z czubkiem – FSJshoes.com
Zegarek na czarnym pasku – Mockberg.com

A Pop of Color with Pink Tights

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i love adding pops of colour to my outfits, particularly in the winter! i tend to wear a lot of black and white in the colder months because its what you find the most of in stores. i think coloured tights are the perfect way to add colour to any outfit, you can find them almost anywhere in different colours and patterns. i usually try to link the colour of the tights to a colour that is in the rest of the outfit. for example in this particular outfit that i am wearing i matched the colour of the tights to the pink in the dress. or you could use the tights as a pop of colour in a black and white outfit.
As for shoes, in most cases black works. you don’t have to have shoes that are the same colour as the tights, although i do that from time to time.

Dress: H&M
Coat: H&M
Tights: Suzy Shier

Cool Tights with Knee Band

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Black and white is one of the most elegant and timeless pairings in the world of fashion. If, like me, you love this classic combination of colours, don’t forget to add some extra touches which will make you stand out from the crowd. I opted for original accessories – big, coloured earrings and black pantyhose with knee-high ‘belts’. I am curious as to what you think of this unusual design, which looks very much like that of a compression band. Would you like to see them feature on my blog more often?

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Happy Wednesday!! Today I show you an outfit in which I combine two prints. I mixed a flowered jumpsuit with a blazer with houndstooth print. I chose the bag in pink because it is one of the colors of the flowers of the dress, while the shoes and hat I chose in black.


Flower dress blazer pink bag coach black hat accessories heels fashion style outfit10

Flower dress blazer pink bag coach black hat accessories heels fashion style outfit02

Flower dress blazer pink bag coach black hat accessories heels fashion style outfit01

Vestido/Dress: Zara, Bolso/Bag: Coach, Blazer: Zara, An ill /Ring: Aristocrazy, Zapatos/Heels: Zara, Sombrero/Hat: Zara

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You seem to really like the combination of shorts and tights. Sometimes it is worth replacing a dress or a skirt with short pants. With high heels and tights covering the legs, it can look very elegant. To this I added a creamy shirt with a girly round collar and a suede bag on a silver chain from Fabiola.