Bloggers in Black, Sheer Tights with Black Polka Dots No ratings yet.

I was going though my pile of photos of bloggers in tights and I realized how many of them featured sheer, black tights with black polka dots.  It seems like it was a bit of a trend this year.  So, here they are, all of the black polka dots that I had saved.

2fghdfdfgh 3fghdfgh 5fghdfgh 7fghjfjhg 9fghjfgjh 10b 75c21e7550d0 Foto2 IMG_1951 IMG_2016 IMG_4060 IMG_4092 IMG_5618 IMG_6431 IMG_6747 IMG_7034 IMG_8996 IMG_9077 L2khkjh L4 L8 rocky2 sweater and leather jacket look vivaluxury-7

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