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This is undoubtedly one of my most eagerly-awaited photoshoots of the year… Valentine’s Day is now just a week away, so if you are still struggling for ideas on how to celebrate this special feast of love, then let me see if I can provide some romantic inspiration. The most valuable thing that you can ever give that special person in your life is your time and attention, leaving them in absolutely no doubt that they are your cherished soulmate. In order for tedious routine not to creep into any relationship it’s worth making the effort to surprise your loved one with unforgettable gestures which you will both remember and treasure for many years to come. One idea is to visit new places, because travelling opens our minds to new experiences and can give people the chance to really get to know each other better 😉 During the evening of February 14, make sure you create an appropriately romantic atmosphere, finding somewhere special where you and your partner can focus fully on each other and forget about all of your troubles for one night. Think rose petals, scented candles, massage oils, sensual music, sexy lingerie, Champagne and a platter of sumptuous fresh fruit… Let your fantasies take over! Thanks to the Hotel Włoski in Poznań, I have been lucky enough over the past few weeks to get a wonderful taste of all the charming things that are on offer to help celebrate the most romantic day of the year. I was particularly impressed with the lovely fairytale room decor and the delicious dinner, which consisted of several mouthwatering courses. And especially for you, as a Valentine’s Day treat, I prepared an extremely feminine photoshoot in a figure-hugging black bodysuit and shiny tights.

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  1. randy

    These tights look amazing love them also look very comfortable not sure what color options they come in. But these I would love to have in my collection I go from basic black to the boldest of colors and styles. I believe pantyhose and tights are genderless. In my case am a str8 male that enjoys the benefits of wearing like support, look feel, warmth etc. If worn properly by men can be very fashionable and why not men deserve more choices in fashion. Men wore hosiery first long ago in history.


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