A Pop of Color with Pink Tights 5/5 (1)

i love adding pops of colour to my outfits, particularly in the winter! i tend to wear a lot of black and white in the colder months because its what you find the most of in stores. i think coloured tights are the perfect way to add colour to any outfit, you can find them almost anywhere in different colours and patterns. i usually try to link the colour of the tights to a colour that is in the rest of the outfit. for example in this particular outfit that i am wearing i matched the colour of the tights to the pink in the dress. or you could use the tights as a pop of colour in a black and white outfit.
As for shoes, in most cases black works. you don’t have to have shoes that are the same colour as the tights, although i do that from time to time.

Dress: H&M
Coat: H&M
Tights: Suzy Shier

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1 thought on “A Pop of Color with Pink Tights

  1. randy

    Nothing like a pop of color when it comes to hosiery. Myself I have so many colors that I wear it brings a fashion statement and looks fantastic. You would be at surprised the colors I have to many to count just a fashion with me.


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