A Sweater, Sequins and Sheer, Black Tights 4/5 (2)

The day that I took these photos with Emma Loo Photography it was FREEZING outside. You can probably see that my hands in the photos are red and shivering! In between photos, I walked around with my mom’s huge puffer jacket on, hood up, with mittens on. Then I would quickly take everything off for a few shots and then throw everything right back on! It was pretty comical, but totally worth it. I love the unexpected combination of a cable knit sweater with a sequin skirt!

And speaking of cold weather in the Carolinas, we are currently awaiting a snow blizzard to move in this morning. We received a few inches of snow yesterday, but today we’re supposed to get more than 6 inches! I normally love the snow, but my mind has been in “spring mode” so I’m not very happy about the current situation.
Who else is ready for warm weather?!!?

Photo credit: Emma Loo Photography
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