Faux Fur, Real Sparkles

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Do you already have plans for the holiday ? And if so, do you know what you will wear ? I, for one, am all about last minute decisions when it comes to Christmas and NYE, as it’s not my favorite time of the year for fashion. I’m more into comfort dressing, and yes, that means PJs for Christmas at my family’s, and a little black dress for New Year.
But this year, I made an effort, and decided I had to plan ahead (which is something I am very bad at…). That’s when Manila Grace came into the equation, and was so helpful. 
If you don’t know Manila Grace, it’s an Italian brand worn by the unique Chiara Ferragni, among others. And for the holidays, they designed a new capsule collection, made of faux fur, glitter dresses and cute skirts. So I figured : wouldn’t it be better if for once, I stayed away from what I’m used to, and tried a more ‘party ready’ look ?
To be honest, at first I wasn’t convinced I could pull it off, but after seeing these pics, I know I will definitely wear this outfit for New Year’s Eve. A satin dress mixed with shiny tights, a big faux fur coat to keep me warm if we decide to go out, some classic pumps, and a big hat because the new year has to be celebrated in style, right ?
As for the party make-up, I swear I’ll take off my sunglasses for once 🙂 I love to emphasize my lips for big parties, with a vibrant red or dark pink lipstick. And for my eyes, I try to keep things simple, with just an eyeliner.
Do you like my holiday look ?

Coat and dress // Manteau et robe : Manila Grace
Pumps // Talons : Topshop
Bag // Sac : Furla
Hat // Chapeau : Emmanuelle Khanh

5 thoughts on “Faux Fur, Real Sparkles

  1. tightsreview Post author

    A lot of times the bloggers don’t include the tights when they list clothing in their posts. I am always surprised by this, because sometimes the tights make the outfit, like here.

    1. randy

      Yes that I feel is in all cases be it pantyhose or tights that’s what completes the outfit. If it were the same outfit bare legs no one would give it a second look. These tights complete the outfit and the blogger should mention the brand of tights to.

    2. randy

      I agree totally wish they would there’s people like myself that would love to get a pair. Can tell you this the photo to the left of my name is a photo I took of me wearing my Pretty Polly shimmer tights.


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