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My friend has the most amazing legs and she told that she was always teased for being tall and having long legs. I told her that her legs could have their own website and save the world. Well, here is the start. She posted a couple pictures to her Instagram account and she loves to wear tights.

I think everyone that sees this should visit her Instagram and start following her. Also, tell her how great her legs look and how much you like seeing them in tights. Encourage her, BUT DO NOT SCARE HER OFF!

Her Instagram account is: @delicatetiger99


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If you haven’t already, click on the logo above and visit our other site.  It is similar to this site, but focuses on high heels.  I would also love any feedback on the site.


Saying Goodbye to Bare Legs

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Hey guys, so it’s finally time to say goodbye to bare legs, and say hi to tights !

I quite like it, because you don’t have to be tanned or anything, plus you can wear short skirts and not be afraid the wind will expose your underwear.

During winter, I love adding an edgy factor to my look, and I’m a sucker for everything leather : here, this skirt is from Storets, and it matches perfectly with my Givenchy boots.

For a chic touch, I added my beloved Maison Michel hat, and a Rag and Bone coat.

But my favorite part of this look is undoubtedly this new Chanel backpack, that I have worn everyday since I bought it.

I never thought I would be a backpack kind of girl, but I guess Chanel can make you do crazy things, right ?

I was wearing :

Skirt // Jupe : Storets

Sweater // Pull : Zara

Coat // Manteau : Rag and Bone

Hat // Chapeau : Maison Michel

Bag // Sac : Chanel

Boots : Givenchy

Colors for Fall with Polka Dot Tights

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From Brussels, with love ♥

Hi guys,
Hope your day will be awesome ! I’m sure trying to make mine a good one. Besides doing my blog, I want to go ahead and really take advantage of this fine Wednesday.. the sun appears to be shining and I bet a dish of Thai food is waiting for me downtown.
But first, here you have a really cute outfit…quite vintage if you ask me. I couldn’t resist not matching this Wolf& Whistle red dress with my new tights from the Gambettes subscription box. I’ve been wanting a pair of dotted tights for quite awhile now. I have so many awesome ideas on how to style these ( *excited*). My super old heels look like they were made to go with my super cute dress, don’t they?
Ok, here’s the outcome:

What I wore:
– Wolf&Whistle Aida lace panel dress
– Tights from Gambettes subscription box
– New Look shoes
– YSL clutch
– Rara Jewelry rings

The Gambettes subs box is a really cool concept as they always try to have a designer enrolled each month that they collaborate with and pick for that month what would go best with the designer’s pieces. Plus, the box is super cute 😝 and quite affordable 💘.
Hope you like the style I’m wearing today and I’ll be back with more fashionable looks and news next time xo



Nude Tights Highlight Red Pumps

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Kobiecy blog o modzie / by Ari_Maj / Eleganckie stylizacje na różne okazje

Wearing transparent blouses is always a challenge. Such provocative fabrics should be combined with simple, elegant elements that would give balance to our outfit. I set my lace crop top with black bra, pencil midi skirt from and burgundy pumps.

Czarny koronkowy krótki
Czarna ołówkowa spó

Cieliste cienkie rajstopy – Gabriella
Czarny naszyjnik –
Bordowe lakierowane szpilki z czubkiem –
Elegancki złoty zegarek –
Czarny stanik – Intimissimi