Pretty Dress and Cute Heels

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Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating today. I wanted to quickly share what I wore on Christmas Eve for a festive Christmas outfit. I’m wearing a Ted Baker Horticultural Checked Dress (similar version of the dress here), a Prada double zip tote, and Kate Spade bow heels c/o DSW Canada.



I adore these Kate Spade bow heels. The soft suede is very comfortable, while the satin tuxedo bow adds a girly, Kate Spade touch! These heels are available in store at DSW Canada, as well as a few other Kate Spade shoe styles I’m falling in love with! They are the perfect shoe for the holidays, and I’m excited to wear them on New Year’s Eve as well! I have a few pairs of Kate Spade shoes (including a few pairs of Kate Spade for Keds), but these ones are easily my favourites. They are SO comfortable for a pair of heels too. I love how the mini bootie design holds in my foot, I could easily dance the night away in them!



My Ted Baker Horticultural checked dress is also a gorgeous piece for the holidays. I love the dainty floral print, and the 1950s-inspired silhouette. The gorgeous full skirt is so feminine and a great Holiday party look. I also love how the little belt matches perfectly and ties the dress together. Lately, I’ve been hoarding everything Kate Spade and Ted Baker! I’m just so in love with their feminine styles.  I also love how the two brands compliment one another.

I kept it simple with jewelry and only accessorized with some earrings and a dainty Kate Spade bangle, because I wanted to let the dress print speak for itself.

A tip for wearing these Kate Spade bow heels is to wear sheer tights. I find it looks a lot better than with opaque tights and shows off the unique shape of the shoes. I’d love to wear these heels with a pair of coloured tights too!

This Christmas eve outfit is perfect for the Holidays, New Year’s eve or a semi-formal event. I’m looking forward to sharing some more New Year’s Eve looks, so stay tuned!

This post was sponsored by DSW Canada.



Fishnets For a New Year

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rock leder strick kombinieren ray ban sonnenbrille gold fashionblog münchen

rock leder strick kombinieren ray ban sonnenbrille gold fashionblog münchen

rock leder strick kombinieren ray ban sonnenbrille gold fashionblog münchen

Pullover: Edited (hier und ähnlicher hier)

Rock: Edited (hier und ähnlicher hier)

Jacke: Zara (ähnliche hier)

Tasche: Aigner

Strumpfhose: Calzedonia (ähnliche hier)

Sonnenbrille: Ray Ban via Smartbuyglasses (hier und hier)

Schuhe: Zara (ähnliche hier)

Pink Sweater

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BeSugarandSpice – Fashion Blog

Pink sweater black skirt bulgari ring gloria ortiz bag heels outfit styel fashion07

Happy Wednesday !! I love oversize sweaters. The one I show you today has a beautiful color that is very flattering and also has a cut that I love. I combined it with a simple black skirt. The truth is that I’ve been wanting a skirt like this one for a while, because it looks great with everything. The accessories I chose were in black. I’m in love with my new bag !!

Kisses !!

Pink sweater black skirt bulgari ring gloria ortiz bag heels outfit styel fashion02

Pink sweater black skirt bulgari ring gloria ortiz bag heels outfit styel fashion19

Pink sweater black skirt bulgari ring gloria ortiz bag heels outfit styel fashion01

Sweater: Amitie, Falda/Skirt:Tintoretto , Bolso/Bag: Gloria Ortiz , Anillo/Ring: Bulgari, Zapatos/Heels: Gloria Ortiz.

SoniPanda Review: Leg Avenue Woven Diamond Illusion Tights

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So finally now I have had my laser sessions complete, I can get back into my nude sheers once again (seeing as I have quite a few to get through!) I saw this pair and I just had to get them. I thought they were dead funky and easy enough to pair with an outfit!

My Outfit

So I went monochrome (I need to stop doing this) – although it is getting quite cold here so I suppose it won’t hurt this time around! You can easily go symmetrical or into those mathy-prints I like to call them but I thought I would tone it down and make it work with an office outfit instead. I went with my fluffy jumper, leather-look skirt and a statement necklace to add that extra to it.

My Deets:
Necklace: Next

Jumper: H&M

Skirt: Mango

Tights: Via UKTights



The Review

So packaging – very basic. Shows the design on the front and back with a small blurb about them and a peep hole in the corner so you can see what’s inside. They are neatly wrapped so no problems there.

When you get them out, you may notice that the nylons look longer than your legs (I’m targeting shorties here!) but don’t worry!! They aren’t that bad when they are on! I was a little worried that they were going to be too long for me, but I found that wasn’t the case when I got them on.

At first I thought I would not need to pull them up slightly but I did have to readjust a few times to make sure that I had it even on the legs. I hate it when one bit of my leg has more nylon covering it than the rest.

These are also fine over anklets too – although be careful with those that might catch the tights! You don’t want to snag these within the first few minutes of getting them on!

I love the band on these; they fit so lovely that you don’t even feel it on your stomach/waistline and the best part is that they stay in place all day too!

Now the design – these are something else! And I am so glad that they’re a piece I have never seen before as it makes it more exciting to blog about! I am not too keen on the denier as it does make your legs look whiter than normal so the colour doesn’t do the legs any justice (unless you’re after a colour change!) but the pattern is just popping!!!! I do have to mention that there are some that have a border standing out around it (see some of the close-ups below) which is quite annoying but then again these are cheap so I shouldn’t complain!

The print is 3D-like so you will feel it when you rub your hands over them, which I suppose helps make them stand out.

These don’t have reinforced toes I’m afraid so those long toenails may need to be trimmed and smoothed down before stepping into these!

Another little thing to mention is that it does leave marks on your legs when you take them off! See the last picture!!

The only downside to these is that they are one sized – I had no trouble with them at all, however if you are slightly bigger, then I may suggest trying to get an alternative. I think these do look amazing but you will need slimmer legs to keep that design intact as it would stretch and lose the whole look of them.


Overall thoughts?

I really do like these and I think they’re worth buying if you’re looking for different and versatile. I would mainly dress these casually but I always find it fun trying to make it work with a smart outfit. They’re not badly priced, and if you love nude sheers with bold prints, then these are the ones for you!!





Knee High Boots and Sheer Tights

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Meet Me In Paree

Parisian fashion blogger

It almost seems ironic that I am posting this blog post all happy and smiles after my last blog post. I shot these photos at the beginning of my “breakdown”. When I thought I could get through it alone. I do have to thank everyone who contacted me after my last blog post. It really touched my heart in ways that you may never understand. From people I don’t know showing love to me…. It’s in these times that you need love and light in any way shape or form.

I’ve had a lot of time to reflect…. I mean a lot of time… I’m always reflecting, projecting and worrying, and I’ve thought a lot about my blog and how I feel somewhat uncomfortable posting these happy images that don’t reflect my current state of mind…. But yet, I don’t want to stop blogging. It’s something that when I can muster enough energy I can focus on… and my mind stops whirring at the speed of light and I can just be Nikita…  So that being said, you will see me here sometimes.. Passing by giving you a little whirl of an outfit.. and maybe some posts that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. More personal. More me…. Something inspirational… Something that can inspire both you and me. I think we could all do with a little inspiration now and then…

Ok, so enough of this talk all about me.. And more about the outfit… A cosy pull which is always welcome, a cute skirt which I picked up for a bargain and my new knee boots- which again I picked up for a bargain in Zara…

Parisian fashion blogger, look, style, meetmeinparee, paris, mode, ootd, street style, winter style

Parisian fashion blogger, look, style, meetmeinparee, paris, mode, ootd, street style, winter style

Parisian fashion blogger, look, style, meetmeinparee, paris, mode, ootd, street style, winter style

Jumper Charlise Skirt Vero Moda via Mon showroom(old collection) Bag Saint Laurent via Vestiare Collective Coat Idano

Truly Opaque Tights

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biżuteria / jewelry ByDziubeka
(kolczyki / earrings KLIK | naszyjniki / necklaces KLIK, KLIK)
okulary / glasses zeroUV
płaszcz / coat Poppy Lovers | sukienka / dress DressLily | buty / shoes Zaful

Faux Fur, Real Sparkles

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Do you already have plans for the holiday ? And if so, do you know what you will wear ? I, for one, am all about last minute decisions when it comes to Christmas and NYE, as it’s not my favorite time of the year for fashion. I’m more into comfort dressing, and yes, that means PJs for Christmas at my family’s, and a little black dress for New Year.
But this year, I made an effort, and decided I had to plan ahead (which is something I am very bad at…). That’s when Manila Grace came into the equation, and was so helpful. 
If you don’t know Manila Grace, it’s an Italian brand worn by the unique Chiara Ferragni, among others. And for the holidays, they designed a new capsule collection, made of faux fur, glitter dresses and cute skirts. So I figured : wouldn’t it be better if for once, I stayed away from what I’m used to, and tried a more ‘party ready’ look ?
To be honest, at first I wasn’t convinced I could pull it off, but after seeing these pics, I know I will definitely wear this outfit for New Year’s Eve. A satin dress mixed with shiny tights, a big faux fur coat to keep me warm if we decide to go out, some classic pumps, and a big hat because the new year has to be celebrated in style, right ?
As for the party make-up, I swear I’ll take off my sunglasses for once 🙂 I love to emphasize my lips for big parties, with a vibrant red or dark pink lipstick. And for my eyes, I try to keep things simple, with just an eyeliner.
Do you like my holiday look ?

Coat and dress // Manteau et robe : Manila Grace
Pumps // Talons : Topshop
Bag // Sac : Furla
Hat // Chapeau : Emmanuelle Khanh